Wapack Pups    *During COVID-19 


Puppy information for pick order and pick-up.

The health and safety of our puppy buyers are as important as the health and well being of our family, dogs and puppies. We will be posting individual videos of the lab puppies when they are six weeks. Puppies will have their own collar color to identify them. If you would like more information on a certain puppy just ask by text/email. Depending on your pick order you can let us know which puppy you would like as yours. Once a puppy is picked you will see 1st, 2nd and so forth posted next to that puppy. French Bulldog and Shih Tzu pups can be pick right away when deposit is placed from pics, as they come in different colors. For more information please read Getting Puppy on our website. If you still have questions about your puppy before or after pick-up just ask by text/email. 


Pick-up times will be scheduled for you to get your puppy. Please contact us with a time that works for you. This will not be a visit or playtime. At all times please practice social distance of at least 6 feet, wear a mask, no hand shaking and use hand sanitizer. We will meet you outside at your desired time with your puppy. Final payment must be made at the time of pick up CASH ONLY. Deposit Payments will be accepted via PayPal, Check or Cash. Once final payment is received at pick-up your puppy will be placed on the ground and you can proceed to pick him/her up and take your puppy home. Limit this time to just getting your puppy and taking him/her home. All puppies come with a one year health guarantee which is posted on our website. Thank you for your understanding during this time of COVID-19. Wapack Pups

COVID-19 and Dogs

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH), there is no evidence, at this time, that companion animals can spread COVID-19. As an extra precaution, though, we recommend you limit the handling of your dog by others. At this time, there is also no evidence that any dog has become ill with the virus.



As noted in every publication about the virus, a major key to prevention is to wear a mask and wash your hands continually and to not touch your mouth, nose, and eyes with unwashed hands.


Throughout this global crisis, Wapack Pups will continue to keep our puppies and dogs safe, fed, and well cared for.